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Client Commitment

Our team at the Financial Fitness Center™ seeks to empower clients by providing trusted guidance and objective advice to their clients. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships, and employ integrated strategies that strengthen and support each client's financial well-being. The following are just a few benefits of working with the Financial Fitness Center team:

A One-Stop Resource

We offer an integrated suite of solutions, including tax planning, wealth management, investment strategies*, real estate, and insurance services to individuals, families, and small business owners. We strive to develop a customized program addressing our clients' key areas of financial fitness.

Specialized Support

In order to provide a wide range of services, our team is comprised of experienced tax, financial, insurance and real estate professionals working together to meet clients needs.


Financial Fitness Center™ is an independent firm with the freedom to offer services and solutions geared toward each client’s unique situation and needs. We are committed to providing objective and unbiased advice and recommendations.

A Team Behind the Team

Lois Leynse, Gurvinder Aujla, Anne Lowry and Jennifer Stewart-Smith are affiliated with Avantax Investment Servicesâ„ , an independent broker-dealer with more than 35 years of experience servicing independent financial advisors and tax professionals. With a client-centric focus and full suite of consulting services, our advisors have access to specialized professionals and a wide range of solutions.

Established and Experienced

We have served the local community throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for more than 35 years. Combined, the team’s experience spans decades and, the founder, Lois Leynse, is in the elite top 1% of performers nationwide within Avantax Investment Servicesâ„ . We take pride in knowing we have helped so many of our community members and neighbors address their tax and financial concerns.

Long-Lasting Relationships

Our team is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients. By working closely with our clients, we believe we can help them develop a financial roadmap for the future and help them stay on track by providing guidance along the way.

Tax Alpha

Tax alpha is the value that is added to a client's financial plan by optimizing sound tax strategies. If "alpha" is the return generated by an advisor's skill in picking and managing investments, then "tax alpha" protects the return on those investments and generates a boost by making sure taxes don't eat away more of a client's wealth than absolutely necessary. The same benefit is also true for real estate planning and investment. The Financial Fitness Center™ team delivers "tax alpha" through their ability to gain insights from their clients’ taxes, and then they leverage that information to provide them with a holistic view of their client’s financial plan.

Tax professionals who are financial advisors are uniquely positioned to deliver "tax alpha" because they understand it’s not about what a client earns that’s important; more to the point, it is what a client keeps after taxes that is the more accurate measurement. Advisors with tax expertise have a unique advantage in developing strategies to help distinguish and optimize these returns for their clients. Learn more about "tax alpha" here.

*Investment and financial planning services are offered by Lois A. Leynse, Gurvinder Aujla, Anne C. Lowry and Jennifer Stewart-Smith through their affiliations with Avantax.