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Anne Lowry, CTP

Anne Lowry, CTP

Tax Advisor, Real Estate Agent, Investment Representative, and Insurance Agent

Anne Lowry is a certified tax preparer, licensed real estate agent, investment representative, and insurance agent. A member of the firm since 1992, she enjoys working alongside her team and serving her clients. She loves the collaborative process at Financial Fitness Center™, whereby the team is greater than the sum of its parts because members work together using the tools, skills, and creative strategies they have learned over the years.

Anne brings a unique perspective to the team, having managed her own extensive real estate portfolio since 1983 and has firsthand knowledge of buying, selling, renovating, and managing property for herself and her clients. This experience, combined with her investment and insurance knowledge, makes her a valuable contributor to the team and ensures her clients are receiving practical, hands-on knowledge.

Prior to joining the team, she was self employed and ran her own business for many years. She holds securities licenses 6 and 63 and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology. Outside of the office, Anne is a competitive tennis player and a recreational skier with a penchant for action movies and cooking.