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Financial Fitness Center, Inc

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Our Story

Committed to Personalized, Integrated Strategies Supporting Financial Well-Being

Throughout life, people are faced with a number of financial concerns and decisions. When can they retire? How can they save for their child’s college expenses? Can they afford a new home? Can they take a dream vacation? How can they manage risk? There are many other questions people have about their financial world so the Financial Fitness Center™ was established with the goal of helping individuals, families, small business owners, and, in particular, women, navigate and understand these complex financial issues.

In 1983, Lois Leynse began her tax practice. Over the years, she realized she was in a unique position to offer her clients personalized financial guidance. She believed financial stability in a client’s life was best addressed by covering all areas impacting finances and expanded her focus to include financial, real estate, and insurance services.

Today the FFC team seeks to assist clients in all aspects of their financial lives, from reducing taxes to buying their first home to starting a business to retiring and protecting assets. Comprised of a number of experienced professionals in the tax, financial, real estate, and insurance industries, the team works together, providing support in their respective specialties. As a team, they strive to do everything in their power to keep their clients focused on where they want to go, offer advice on how to get there, and provide guidance along the way. “Our goal at the Financial Fitness Center™ is to employ integrated strategies to strengthen and support each client’s financial well-being.”

The team seeks to serve as kind, honest, and hard-working advocates for their clients. They are focused on putting the clients’ best interests first, developing strategies and offering advice appropriate for each situation. “We are grateful to have built so many long-lasting relationships and honored to be consider our clients trusted advisors.”