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Our Clients

The Unique Financial and Tax Needs of Women and Owners of Business and Real Estate

While we work with a number of different individuals and families throughout the San Francisco Bay area, we specialize in working with women and owners of business and real estate. We understand the unique needs and concerns these clients face and, through an integrated, holistic approach, we seek to address all elements of their financial health to help each individual pursue their goals and dreams.


As a woman-owned and led business, our team understands the challenges and concerns women face today. As many of their clients are approaching or living in retirement, they need an advisor they can trust to manage and preserve their wealth and create a steady income that can last through retirement. Focusing on a holistic process, our goal is to bridge the gap between finances and taxes to develop comprehensive financial strategies that minimizes taxes and maximizes investments.

Some of the women the firm works with are newly single (either widowed or divorced) and may not have previously managed their finances. Our team can offer support and personal guidance, through these transitions, helping clients determine solutions and assist with a broad range of services, from preparing a tax return to refinancing a home, to managing investments that are appropriate for one’s life stage.

Sole Proprietors and Owners of Business and Real Estate

We work with business and real estate owners and self-employed individuals. As a business owner herself, firm founder Lois Leynse understands the practicalities and difficulties of running a business. Many business owners are looking for ways to mitigate taxes and plan for retirement. We can assist by setting up a variety of retirement plans from Solo 401(k)s, to SIMPLE or SEP IRAs or traditional IRAs and/or Roth IRAs.

We can help self-employed individuals and small business owners implement an appropriate retirement strategy, determine opportunities for reducing taxes, and assist with succession planning. With a team of several Enrolled Agents and tax preparers, we can also assist these clients with bookkeeping, tax return preparation for small businesses, corporate companies, partnerships, and LLCs, and more.

With regard to real estate, our team can provide guidance in buying, selling, or investing in real estate. From assisting clients with the purchase of their first or second home, helping them sell their current home, converting a home to rental property, or investing in real estate or REITs, we can advise on the tax ramifications and benefits of owning or selling and can assist in obtaining financing information.

*Investment services are offered by Lois A. Leynse, Anne C. Lowry, Jennifer James and Jennifer Stewart-Smith through their affiliation with HD Vest Investment ServicesSM and Financial Planning services are offered by Lois A. Leynse and Jennifer James through their affiliation with HD Vest Advisory ServicesSM