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FFC advisors Lois Leynse, Anne Lowry, Jennifer James, and Jennifer Stewart-Smith are supported by broker-dealer HD Vest Investment Servicesâ„ . With more than 35 years of experience servicing independent financial advisors and tax professionals, HD Vest has designed a business support model customized to suit clients’ needs.

The following are just a few of the reasons why Lois, Anne, Jennifer, and Jennifer have partnered with HD Vest:

A Team Behind the Team

HD Vest’s extensive lineup of financial professionals and services is the “Team Behind the Team” supporting FFC. With a wide array of financial options, brokerage services, products, training, due diligence, and more, HD Vest helps us help you.

HDVest's Platform of Individual Support

With the support of HD Vest, Lois, Anne, Jennifer, and Jennifer can learn and grow and stay on the cutting edge of the ever changing financial and technical world to better serve their clients and address their individual needs.

A Proven System For Tax & Financial Professionals

HD Vest’s unique approach is designed to help the FFC team integrate their tax planning services with essential and valuable financial planning tools.

Advanced and Secure Technology

With a commitment to technology, the Financial Fitness Center and HD Vest can work efficiently and productively, delivering timely and accurate information, trade execution, and strategy implementation. State-of-the-art, secure, online client access and communications offer instant securities quotes, financial news, and up-to-the-minute information on investments.

To learn more about HD Vest, visit their website.

*Investment services are offered by Lois A. Leynse, Anne C. Lowry, Jennifer James and Jennifer Stewart-Smith through their affiliation with HD Vest Investment Servicesâ„  and Financial Planning services are offered by Lois A. Leynse and Jennifer James through their affiliation with HD Vest Advisory Servicesâ„